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For successful brokerage of bookings we charge a fixed fee of 15 Euro.

Please include good picture material.

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MOWITANIA reserves the right not to list your apartment.

contact: Frau Guerrero: Tel. (+49) 30 / 460 61 28 11

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contact person for object

first name
family name*
fixed line
mobile phone*
street* / no*
zip code* / city*

location of object (exact address of accommodation)

street of apartment* / no*
zip code* / city*
Stadtbezirk* if not in list, please select the nearest district

contact person for keys handover

same as above (object contact person)
first name
family name
fixed line
mobile phone
street / no
zip code / city

equipment and amenities for the apartment

count* number of accommodations/apartments up for rent
type of accomodation*
equipment and amenities (size, rooms, story, amenities in general)
description of specials of the accommodation and its environment
count rooms*
number of square metres* qm
max persons*
pets pets are permitted on request
with kitchen
non smoking it is not allowed to smoke inside the accommodation
balcony apartment has a balcony
lift elevator you can reach the accommodation by elevator
internet only if available inside the accommodation. Internet cafe nearby does not count.
dsl high speed apartment has fast internet access
tv set apartment offers access to a television set
laundry apartment has a washing maschine
children discount - please enter details
parking space apartment has reserved parking space
count of bathrooms/toiletrooms*
floor of apartment*
count of double beds* inclusive sleeping sofa/couch
count of single beds*
allergy friendly suitable for tenants with allergies

All criteria must be met (German requirements):
1. kein Teppichboden (Holz, Parkett, Laminat bzw. Fliesen in der gesamten Unterkunft)
2. die Betten sind keine Federbetten
3. Meine Putzkraft ist sehr gründlich (staubfreie Wohnung)
4. Tiere sind nicht erlaubt
5. Nichtraucher Unterkunft
—> Vorteil aber nicht Bedingung: spezieller Matratzenbezug für Hausstaub-Allergiker / spezielle Allergiker-Bettwäsche

handicapped suitable for handicapped tenants

All criteria must be met (German requirements):
Zugänge: 1. Zugang zur Unterkunft/Aufzug stufenlos oder max. 1 Stufe, alternativ: Zugang über Rampe mit Neigung von max. 6 % oder Aufzug
2. keine Karussell - Rotationstüren
3. Alle Eingangs- und Durchgangstüren Mindestbreite 80 cm
4. Mindesbreite aller Flure in/außerhalb der Wohnung mind. 120 cm Aufzug / Fahrstuhl:
5. Mindestbreite der Aufzugstür 90 cm
6. Kabinentiefe (Fahrstuhl) mind. 140 cm / Kabinenbreite mind. 110 cm
7. Bedienelemente im Lift Aufzugs müssen für Rollstuhlfahrer erreichbar sein
8. Bewegungsfläche vor dem Aufzug 120 cm x 120 cm
10. innerhalb der Wohnung max. Schwellenhöhe 2 cm
11. Bewegungsfläche im Zimmer vor der Längstseite des Bettes 120cm x 120 cm
12. Bewegungsfläche in der Küche 120cm x 120cm Bad:
13. Bewegungsfläche vor dem Waschtisch und der Toilette 120 cm mal 120 cm
14. Beinfreiheit unter dem Waschtisch

prices for the apartment - please state specials for children if applicable
price for towels and linen is inclusive or costs once per person
final cleaning is inclusive or costs once for all pers.
minimum stay* at least how many nights you want to rent out
which season do you want to rent out your apartment? the entire year
first month / last month
additional details for the rental seasons
archive file containing several images for the accommodation or JPG/GIF/PNG-file
please also submit the floor plan of your apartment
additional image file or archive file
additional image file or archive file
additional image file or archive file
additional image file or archive file
additional image file or archive file
additional image file or archive file
additional image file or archive file
additional image file or archive file

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